Zoom Teeth Whitening

The first thing people notice about you, is your smile. A white-colored, bright smile will enhance your character and boost your self confidence. There are two types of teeth whitening techniques treatments available – Zoom Teeth Whitening Program and Home Teeth Whitening Kits.

A expert whitening therapy such as the Zoom capability Whitening Product is performed in our oral medical center, which is the most well-known method for those wanting lighter tooth. It is a powerful way of whitening the natural colour of the tooth, without removing any of the tooth surface. Very few individuals have brilliant pearly whites, as our tooth become discoloured as we age from smoking and consuming drinks and food such as tea, coffee, dark softdrink and wine.

The Process

The therapy time is shorter and more comfortable for oral sufferers. This is because it allows the dental professional to vary the intensity setting accordingly, to provide sufferers with more sensitive tooth. After just one hour, you can walk out of our medical center with a beautiful white-colored smile!

The Zoom capability teeth whitening techniques process starts with the patients’ tooth being cleaned. Next, all smooth tissues around the tooth are protected with a safety hurdle. The Zoom capability gel is then applied and triggered by a special light produced from the Zoom capability lamp. After three to four periods, depending on the whiteness desired, the safety gel is removed from the gum area and bam !, you have a lighter, lighter smile! Everyone is given a whitening home kit for maximum results, to keep their new smile for the long lasting.