Prosthodontists are experts in the visual recovery and replacement of broken or losing tooth. The primary focus is to recover the health and appropriate use of the mouth and tooth creating a healthy, long-term environment for the individual.

The Process

The success of prosthodontic therapy for improved countenance is proportional to good therapy planning. The objective of Tajmeel Oral Center is to obtain incorporation of dental improvements and regenerative therapy which changes military services weapons tooth or tooth and lost supporting components, as well as to recover appropriate appearance and performance. To experience this objective, it is necessary for the individual and dental professional to be able to imagine the final prosthetic results, prior to implant/restorative therapy. Our well experienced specialists have a thorough understanding of all stages of therapy in purchase to identify, course of action, and recover natural overall look.

Removable Prosthesis

Dental stabilization is an important aspect of every person’s life. Without the stabilization, it is impossible to go by your daily activities.

If you are looking for a permanent dental appliance for dental stability then removable prosthesis can be a perfect solution for you.

What is a Removable Prosthesis?

Removable prosthesis is restorative appliance that restores the normal function of the mouth and teeth.  It is stabilized on dental implants to help you cope with your daily activities without a hassle or a worry. They can be easily removed for dental cleaning or whenever the patients feel like they are not required.

There are two main types of removable dental prosthesis namely: partial dentures and complete dentures.

  • Partial dentures: This dental prosthesis is best suited for patients who have just a couple of missing teeth. The prosthesis can be stabilized through anchors that adjust with the patient’s natural teeth.
  • Complete dentures: This prosthesis is best suited for individuals who have a missing dental structure or a lot of missing teeth. The prosthesis is placed on to the gum line after the tooth extraction process.

Benefits of Removable Prosthesis

Removable prosthesis offers various benefits some of which include:

  • Proper chewing and bite
  • Minimum invasive treatment
  • Does not require any denture adhesive
  • Does not irritate the gum tissue and offers lasting comfort

Improve articulation and self-confidence

Our Process

We are very meticulous when it comes to giving our patients a healthy, stabilized dental structure.

Our process includes three main steps mentioned below:

  • Our dental specialist examines your current dental health and analyzes what needs to be done.
  • After examining your reports and current dental health, our specialist will recommend various procedures that may fit your specific requirement.
  • Your dentist may have to extract damaged tooth before stabilizing a complete prosthesis.

Why choose us

We have more than a decade of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry that equips us with knowledge and expertise that are necessary for a successful restorative process. Our dental specialists are more than just dental and oral surgeons; they understand what it takes to help you restore your dental health to improve quality of your daily life. We bring both the art of aesthetics and the science of restorative dentistry to help you garner a flawless look.

Contact us today to learn more about our process and see how we can help you restore your dental stability for a productive, healthy life.