Are you scared of the needle? Does your fear of needles keep you from visiting your dentist?

We understand that getting a dental procedure (or any procedure for that matter) is not easy. It is okay to be nervous and anxious. At Dentamax, we know how to handle your phobias in an effective manner, and how to help you get a treatment with proper pain management. We can’t promise that every procedure will be painless; there is a certain discomfort involve with advanced dental treatments. But we do, however, promise that you will have a positive experience.

Pain management encompasses numerous procedural components including anesthesia and laughing gas. We use what is appropriate for your specific needs.

How we handle dental pain?

For single tooth procedures, we utilize single tooth anesthesia. For advanced procedures, we rely on nitrous oxide or laughing gas. The laughing gas sedates your conscious and helps you lose your fear of dental treatment. After the effects of gas subside, you will be back to normal in a couple of hours.

In most cases, your dental specialist will numb the area with single tooth anesthesia before performing the treatments like a root canal, tooth extraction or wisdom tooth removal. Before the procedure, your dentists will discuss your options and pain management with you to help you understand the procedure and its aftereffects.

Our Process

Pain management can be complex to handle. Every dental procedure demands a different pain management technique. Our process involves understanding your requirement and the demand for the procedure. Based on the analysis of what is needed and how much of it is needed, we chose a pain management technique (laughing gas or local anesthesia).

Why choose us

Our dental specialists are trained to handle complex pain issues. We take appropriate measures before the procedure to make sure that you do not feel a thing and have a positive dental experience that doesn’t grow your fear. Contact us today to learn more about our pain management strategies.