Lumineers Dubai

Get Lumineers in Dubai for the Perfect Hollywood Smile!

Lumineers are one of the most utilized dental correction tools in Dubai. This treatment offers a quick and powerful smile correction without causing any problems or the hassle of going to the orthodontist each month for an adjustment.

Lumineers are also cheaper as compared to other dental correction tools available in the market. Our professionals are certified and skilled dental experts who apprehend what it takes to create a well-aligned smile. We make certain that every little bit of detail is considered before recommending a dental cosmetic procedure to you, so you can make a decision that serves your needs the best.

Lumineers can be a perfect solution if you want to:

  • Cover large gaps between the front teeth;
  • Correct misaligned teeth to avoid surgical treatment;
  • Permanently cover stained teeth;
  • Correct chipped teeth with a permanent solution.

The Procedure

The process can be finished in 2-3 visits. Within the first visit, you’ll have your initial session where your dentists will take the impression of your tooth and those impressions will be dispatched to the medical institution’s affiliated laboratory where the precise Lumineers might be prepared to fit the form of your dental structure.

In the other visits, your dentists will place a bond in your tooth to put together them for Lumineers placement. After the placement, your dentist will test your bite to make certain that the position is correct. Your specialist may decide to call you for an additional visit to check the placement of Lumineers.

Why choose us

We have more than a decade of experience in cosmetic dentistry. Our surgeons are trained in some of the most dental reconstructive procedures to give you more options for smile correction. Our experts give you a comprehensive consultation before outlining the right plan for your corrective treatment.
Call us today to learn more about our services in this area. Our consultants will help you choose a treatment that best suits your dental needs.